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1. Please introduce yourself.
Tell me something about yourself.
I am XXX. I have a bachelor's degree in science.
As an outstanding graduate of XXX University, I achieved a high GPA 3.6 out of 4.
During my one-year internship at XXX company, I grasp basic understanding of .... and get immsersed in an envrionment that combines collective cooperation and personal innovation.
During the summer camp at Oxford University, I deeply involved in ....program and honed the skills of...
3) 应届生还要表明立场,展现踏实、谦虚的态度,比如:
The fundamental principle I've discovered is to start from the bottom and to learn from basics.
In the past two years, I have been working with XXX company as a marketing specialist.
During the time, I have been trained to exploit new markets in North America and managed to coordinate the partnership agreement between YYY company and us.
2.Why do you hire you?
因为面试官就像媒婆,他们最想知道的事你配不配得起XXX公司,John F. Kennedy曾经说过的一句名言 "ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." 面试官也是一样,他么想知道你能给公司带来什么,而不是公司给你带来什么。
- Results-oriented marketing professional with more than five B2B marketing experience.
- Highly effective partnership with sales teams to expand leads as well as potential channels;
- Proven ability to plan, develop and implement marketing campaigns.
- Consistent record of communicating and maintaining public relationships.
- Adept at working with cross-department and regions.
- Spearheading international business development and relationship building with partners, industry organizations and government authorities.


1)As you can see from my resume, I boosted marketing share by 30% in 5 five months when I was with YYY company. I believe my expertise in xxxx field and my proven ability of xxx could contribute significantly/ bring profits to our company.
2)During the past three years in YYY company, I maintained the knowledge of how to translate business leads into solid cooperation. I've built up strong social network with people from different classes and backgrounds. I'm confidient those personal resources will generate profits to our company.
3.What's your greatest weakness?
但职业培训师说,这样会显得很假,那些老道的面试官是不会buy it的。所以,遇到这种问题,还是要真诚一些,毕竟sincerity is the best policy to earn trust但真诚也要讲究技巧。
比如,如果面试的是一个财务工作,你说自己是a person with a big vision, but sometimes miss some details那也不行,毕竟财务工作就是和小数点后面的数字较劲的工作,如果你不拘小节,那么公司账目估计会一塌糊涂,这样的人面试官肯定不敢用。
在比如,你去面试一个客户维护的工作,但是你说 sometimes, I may lose patience. 这样的话,基本也无缘这项工作了。
所以尽管都是真诚,但还是要有策略,大前提就是这个缺点对于这份工作来说不是致命的,不是必须的skill set.
一般回答这类问题,可以用欲扬先抑的办法,先承认缺点,再强调正在改进或打算改进,之后再点缀上他人的评价,肯定改进效果,常见的可用答案比如“时间管理” “多任务处理能力”等等,都算是无伤大雅,可以被接受的缺点。
Previously, I prefer colleagues could give me plenty of time to process and deal with various tasks so that I could fully prepare my plans. Now, I know I need to improve it in a fast-paced and multi-tasked environment. Hence, I pay more attention to time allocation and try to enhance skill set with the aid of computer-aided techniques. My director feels I am on the right track now!
4.Where do you see yourself in 5 years?/What's your career goal?/ What's your long-term goal?
I will focus on my responsibilities and move on step by step. Of course, I would aim a higher position, for example department manager,  if my ability allows. But right now, I would just focus on the current job and get the work done.

5. If your colleagues are jealous of you, what will you do?
Firstly, If I'm highly appreciated by my boss because of my remarkable achievement for the company, I would consistently strive to work hard. Then I would reflect whether I pay too much attention to my job rather than socialize with my colleagues. You know sometimes a lack of bond with co-workers could result in jealousy. So I would enhance our relationship by finding and sharing interests. On the other hand, I think we should also put ourselves into the other's shoes. Last but not the least, don't gossip and never ever spread rumors.

6. As a leader, how do you mediate conflicts in your team?
Previously, I was responsible for managing company profiles for international road show. The two designers have very different ideas on the layout and content presentation. In addition, they are quite sticking to their own concepts and unwilling to make compromise.
Firstly, I invited them for a coffee chat in a cosy environment. I asked them to elaborate on their concept. Then, I analyzed the company's expectation on our program. Based on it, i broke down pros and cons in their ideas, and let them know which were in line with the overall goal, which were not. Lastly, I encouraged them to combine highlights of their own ideas and put them together in the final version.